17/7/17 Night Time Ramblings.

That was a nice date, it looked quite in order.

Sorry, that wasn’t a good start, but I think this is how my posts are probably going to be in these ramblings.

Just had a look though the description on my page, as I’ve not logged on in a while, and saw my late Hamsters name on there still, better change that, I lost my Daisy ❤

I’ve been sat here for the past 2 hours with a towel on my head, I was meant to plait it so I’ve got lovely hair for tomorrow, now it’s too late!!!

I’ve just finished watching Game of Thrones, I won’t spoil anything, but my my what a brilliant episode, finally seeing what I want for my chosen House 😀 I forgot how much I missed it actually, whilst watching it I got more and more into it, was quite disappointed when it finished actually! Ah well, only a week to wait for my next fix.

It’s getting pretty late, 2.10am to be exact, and I have work tomorrow. First day of my last week at work, exciting yes, scary very, once I finish this week, I will be unemployed. Anyone help me with a job? What am I even good at?

Sarah xo


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