So I have this friend.

I have this friend, that I won’t name, and i feel like she’s just not into this friendship as much as myself.

It might just be me overthinking things, but it seems like she never wants to spend time with me, and when she does it seems like she would rather be elsewhere.

Silly things like her tagging herself in on Facebook with someone else having great time, then when shes with me it’s like nothing, never seems excited.

I’m moving away next weekend, and it seems all my friends aren’t really bothered and it’s kind of hurting me.. do they not care that I’m going? Because I’m very upset that I’m leaving these people.

Starting a new life 3 hours away is hard enough without thinking all my friends don’t care.

Might just be me, but that’s how I’m feeling right now 😦

Sarah xo


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