When will I feel OK?


I had a bad day today, since moving into my partners house, I’ve not really had anyone I can talk to.

So I’ll talk to my blog.

I had a meltdown today preparing food, I don’t know why, I just felt horrible about myself.

I have only been here since Saturday, 5 days, and I already feel hopeless. I have come into a families life, I don’t belong here, yet I have to stay here to prove I can do this. For myself.

I don’t really have much else to say, I just wanted to note my feelings down somewhere.

Sarah xo

22nd July

Hey buddies!

Today was my last day at work, felt like any other day except the end was a little emotions.

I was a little disappointed I didn’t get a leaving card, I’ve been there for almost 9 years, and nothing. A hug goodbye.

One of the fellas there has already removed me off Facebook, but who really cares, just a little bit of a piss take.

In other news, it means I’m now jobless, so if anyone has a job for me in Stevenage, hit me up!

Sarah xo

Remember These Oldies?


So I’m sat here reminiscing (i spelt that right the first time!) about old videos and flash websites like eBaums world, I thought I’d share some with you!

Remember these videos?

Or Flash sites like:

Searching around to find these things, and finding out they’re actually still active, has really got me thinking about things from when I was younger, like songs by OKGO or The Crazy Frog!

It’s really strange to think, at the time, these were the funniest videos or clips around, yet we so easily forget them. I love having a sit down, to remember all the old TV shows, songs and videos I used to enjoy, there’s something quite amazing about it.

Sarah xo

P.S Any old Videos, Games, Songs or Websites you remember from growing up, please share with me!


Am I really this size?

I’m in the middle of having a clear out of my wardrobe, selling clothes and taking stuff to the charity shop.

I try on a dress that’s size 12. It’s too small. Have I really put on so much weight I’ve gone up 2 dress sizes? I used to be a size 10 for goodness sake!!

This is really not doing great things to my mind, I am already self conscious about my weight, I can’t be self conscious about my figure also 😥

How do I find the motivation to work out more, eat healthier AND stop snacking?!?

Sarah xo

So I have this friend.

I have this friend, that I won’t name, and i feel like she’s just not into this friendship as much as myself.

It might just be me overthinking things, but it seems like she never wants to spend time with me, and when she does it seems like she would rather be elsewhere.

Silly things like her tagging herself in on Facebook with someone else having great time, then when shes with me it’s like nothing, never seems excited.

I’m moving away next weekend, and it seems all my friends aren’t really bothered and it’s kind of hurting me.. do they not care that I’m going? Because I’m very upset that I’m leaving these people.

Starting a new life 3 hours away is hard enough without thinking all my friends don’t care.

Might just be me, but that’s how I’m feeling right now 😦

Sarah xo

17/7/17 Night Time Ramblings.

That was a nice date, it looked quite in order.

Sorry, that wasn’t a good start, but I think this is how my posts are probably going to be in these ramblings.

Just had a look though the description on my page, as I’ve not logged on in a while, and saw my late Hamsters name on there still, better change that, I lost my Daisy ❤

I’ve been sat here for the past 2 hours with a towel on my head, I was meant to plait it so I’ve got lovely hair for tomorrow, now it’s too late!!!

I’ve just finished watching Game of Thrones, I won’t spoil anything, but my my what a brilliant episode, finally seeing what I want for my chosen House 😀 I forgot how much I missed it actually, whilst watching it I got more and more into it, was quite disappointed when it finished actually! Ah well, only a week to wait for my next fix.

It’s getting pretty late, 2.10am to be exact, and I have work tomorrow. First day of my last week at work, exciting yes, scary very, once I finish this week, I will be unemployed. Anyone help me with a job? What am I even good at?

Sarah xo

Night Time Ramblings.

Hey everyone, as my first official, non welcoming post, I am going to maybe start a trend.

Big statement for a first post huh? Shit, I’ve set myself up for fail already, ah well, I may as well give it a shot eh!

So my idea is, that as I’m usually sat at my PC, or with my phone every night, when I’m sat alone, or in company and I have a thought, could be about anything, I’ll write it down in a draft, then as the evening progresses, I will write down my other thoughts.

At the end of the night, I will have a collection of my thoughts, fresh off the brain.

So enjoy my crazy mind.

Sarah xo

P.S. My first one will come after this!


Nice to meet you…

Wooo! First post, I’m starting on the path to being what they call, a ‘blogger’. I quite like the idea of being a blogger, I’m often finding myself thinking ‘if I had a blog, that would be a great post’.. now I have a place to do that, guess what, I don’t have anything that’s coming to mind that will be a ‘great first post’. So you’ll have to bear with me whilst I get my brain gears working, I promise you I’ll be more interesting in the near future 🙂

– Sarah –

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